Student Visit to Aga

Students from Birmingham City University recently visited AGA Rangemaster, one of the exhibitors at this year’s Birmingham Made Me Design Expo. See what Sam Lawson, one of the students has to say about the day at AGA‘s foundry and showroom.  

A day with AGA

Old AGAs on their way to be reborn


Today I was lucky enough to be able to visit the AGA    foundry and Showroom in Telford, as well as picking the brains of members of staff from across the departments, all in aid of my current project working with Birmingham City University, Birmingham Made Me and AGA Rangemaster. Working in a group of 4 students, our project aim is to “Inspire the Next Generation of AGA Owners” through product and concept development or Marketing, Brand development and Visual Communication.


On our visit we met members of the marketing, sales and research and 2446875development teams, who all had their personal views on what AGA means to their existing customers, and what it means to potential customers. Through our discussions about AGA Iron-cast cooking, AGA the brand and AGA’s customers, it was clear that AGA employees have a real passion for what they do, and believe in AGA as a brand and a quality product. Getting to look around the foundry was fascinating, being able to see the hours of meticulous work that goes into making every AGA that comes off the production line perfect, with every enamelled door matched to a front panel by eye, weeks of testing to get a new coloured enamel perfect, and an enamel inspector, red felt tip in hand, marking every tiny blemish or imperfection.


AGA showroom'cooked fruit crumble and custard


We were then treated to an amazing home (showroom) cooked lunch, cooked by our marketing exec host from scratch, showcasing the quality food of iron-cast cooking. With a belly full of roast vegetables, meringue and crumble, having experienced the passion and care the whole AGA team put into their work, not only was I itching to get going on this project but I was sold on having an AGA of my very own one day. As to where we end up on this project, watch this space!



AGA Rangemaster’s Chief Executive, William McGrath, will be speaking at our seminar about ‘Our Heritage and Competitive Cultures’ on Monday 10th June. Click here to reserve your free place at this seminar or see our full list of seminars for more information.