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An Introduction to Millennium Point.

Millennium Point is Birmingham’s natural home to showcase design and innovation.  I am delighted that we are both a sponsor and host for this amazing Expo.

We have been known for a long time as a hot spot for Science Technology and Learning.

I am acutely aware that innovation is one of the key means to take the UK economy back on an upward run.  Making all of us think about new ways of doing things and then exporting those ideas globally will do that.  That for me makes innovation inextricably linked to design and the process of designing.

So, we have added Innovation and Design to our 3 key objectives as a charity, so making 5!

We are developing our new thematic ways of working.  These themes are Play, Move, Work and Live.

Play is about how we have fun, but also the serious money making business of our digital lives.  Our centrepiece at Millennium Point is the Giant Screen, which has one of the largest screens in the UK and technology that will allow mass gaming to happen.  We can also beam in world events into that space.

Move is about people and things making the transit around a city, around the world.  We have a fascinating array of people designing and making cars, bikes, motorbikes and trains in this city region.  The research, development and production is rather an amazing source of quite hidden talent.  We are exploring ways of exposing that talent.  Birmingham Made Me is a wonderful way of doing that.

Work is all about how we do things, how we harness technology and energy to get things done.  This is about how we learn, how we are responsible for our actions and how we can be as efficient as possible.

Live can mean well-being; leading the most healthy life we can, to be active, mutually supportive, exploring the changes that are a constant in the way health care is provided to us.

Millennium Point, in summary, is reinventing itself.  We want to be relevant to everyone and be a place where you will be amazed when you visit.


Philip Singleton


Millennium Point