Sara Page | The Art Of The Table

The way your kitchen looks says as much about you as your shoes! There are different approaches to decoration. Following trends with the way we dress is easy and sometimes inevitable while when decorating and choosing furniture we depend on a more personal and familiar sense of fashion. The kitchen is a place of creativity. No matter what one’s profession is, we are all artists in there and the table is more often not only the centre of the kitchen but the centre of the entire house. With Christmas being so close, all can relate to the moments of having the entire family around the table, the sense of occasion that brings out joy and a feeling of intimacy. Sara Page’s collection of products is designed to lay the table, create happiness while sharing a meal and stimulate a good conversation.



Sara Page is a surface pattern designer, visiting lecturer on the BA textile course at Birmingham City University and one of the makers participating in the Birmingham Made Me Expo this year. She is currently based in Warwickshire and has lived most of her life in Birmingham. She started her business, Sara Page Design, in 2012 after finishing a MA in surface pattern design in Birmingham City University. ‘I have always loved the table, I have loved the tableware, as a small child I loved to set the table, I liked the sense of occasion. So I thought, well, this is where I need to take my designs’. Sara makes a range of kitchenware, tableware and giftware, all representing her collection of colourful and attractive designs from original paintings titled ‘Sara’s mark’.

Being inspired by designers such as Cath Kidson and Orla Keily who have their personal characteristics and brands, Sara looked back at her paintings from her youth trying to discover her signature. That’s when she came up with ‘Sara’s mark’-a brush stroke that gives personality to the shape and is instantly recognisable as hers.




Before setting up her business Sara had obtained a BA in textile design and exhibited at Handmade in Britain and Top Drawer. She has, also, participated in a retail collective initiated by Birmingham Made Me that involved running a store in the Mailbox, Birmingham. ‘The year after finishing my MA I actually got involved with Birmingham Made Me and it was a fantastic opportunity because I was involved with a shop in the Mailbox which enabled me to meet the consumer, to really test out my products, to find out what the consumer thought and how to develop it.’. During that time she managed to meet and network with various manufactures to produce her goods in the UK, although she is now working with Portugal suppliers in order to achieve more competitive prices and reach out to a wider audience.

Sara loves working with colours and they are very important to her and her designs. Transferring the colours correctly from her drawings to the different surfaces is of high priority in her work. ‘You can’t actually chase trends; you need to make trends’ Sara says. Designs need to be personal and to come from within so they can have depth and true meaning, and that is exactly what Sara Page Design offers; inspired combination between tradition and fresh contemporary design.

Come and explore the art of the table at Birmingham Made Me Expo 2014!

Article Journalist: Elena Nikolova
Video Production: Mantas Jankus (Filming), Algirdas Sakickas (Post Production & Technical Management), Elena Doncheva (Production Management), Mante Sabaliauskaite (Filming Coordinator)