BMM To Lift Off With Eastside Park Picnic On 5th May

The first week of Birmingham Made Me 2014 campaign will lift off with a day of exciting activities at Eastside Park.  The Friends of Eastside Park will hold the LIFT OFF picnic from midday on Monday 5th May, offering live entertainment, a mix of summer sporting activities and a host of tasty food options. 

Schools Design Competition Winners

Pictures of Birmingham Made Me exhibit in the Interior Show 2014

Beth Derbyshire, BCU, artistic inspiration behind the Festival of Imagination, Selfridges 5th and 7th February

FESTIVAL OF IMAGINATION. For the start of 2014, Selfridges Birmingham becomes a portal into the creative mind, as we explore the power of imagination to drive the process of innovation …and inform the shape of our future.


March 2014 will see the release of an exciting new collaboration

BCU appointed to Design Sounding Board

The Design Council today announced that three new trustees have joined its board: Steve Pearce from Skype, Annika Small from the Nominet Trust and Terry Tyrrell of the Brand Union. This coincides with the launch of a brand new group, a ‘sounding board’ of industry experts and design champions, which will reach out informally to […]

Birmingham Made Me Schools Design Programme launched as Midlands Manufacturers power ahead

Birmingham City University were delighted to host today (29th January) the launch of the Birmingham Made Me Schools Design Programme.

As it happened: Birmingham Day at the Houses of Parliament

Birmingham was on display as civic and business leaders headed to the Palace of Westminster to showcase the city.

JLR could be a blueprint for rest of UK by Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya

JLR could be a blueprint for rest of UK Labour can learn from Jaguar Land Rover as they develop the economic policies for the next General Election.   17 Oct 2013 14:13 By Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya Share on print Share on email Labour can learn from Jaguar Land Rover as they develop the economic policies […]

An End to ‘Outsourcing’ of British Jobs – Cause for Optimism?

By Dr Steven McCabe For the last decade or so there has been a worrying trend for companies to decide to move their administrative or production facilities abroad.   There was no great secret as to why they did so; economics. Or more particularly the fact that workers abroad were willing to work for less. The […]