Midlands Economic Forum, A Manifesto for the Midlands

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Birmingham City University, Parkside Lecture Theatre, 0845-1700 with economists Vicky Pryce and Paul Forrest, Dr Steve McCabe, Birmingham City Business School, Professor Michael Beverland, University of Bath, and a panel of industrialists, academics and policy experts. Representation from five political parties inputting to this developing dialogue ahead of likely devolution of significant powers following the General Election.

0845-1700, Parkside Lecture Theatre, Birmingham City University

Register attendance: info@midlandseconomicforum.co.uk


The next few months are likely to see further significant devolution of powers, responsibilities and even taxation to the regions.
Scotland, Wales, London and the North are all progressing their own agendas, what strategy should the Midlands adopt.
As the most dynamic region nationally what are the political parties offering to sustain growth in the region.
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08:00 Registration & Breakfast
08:45 Professor Cliff Allan, Vice Chancellor, Birmingham City University
08:50 Regional Knowledge: Economy
Dr Steve McCabe, Birmingham City University Business School
Phil Smith, Markit
Paul Forrest, Midlands Economic Forum
09:30 Parliamentary Party Session 1
10:10 Coffee Break
10:30 Parliamentary Party Session 2
11:10 Manufacturing, Servitisation & Growth
Iain McKechnie, Aston Business School
Laura Shoaf, ITA
Professor Michael Beverland, School of Management, University of Bath
11:55 Parliamentary Party Session 3
12:35 Regional Devolution: Future Roles for LEP’s & Local Authorities
Ninder Johal, Black Country LEP
Local Authority (invited)
13:10 Lunch
14:10 Parliamentary Party Session 4
14:50 Connecting the Midlands
Midlands Connect
15:35 Parliamentary Party Session 5
16:15 Midlands Manifesto
Beverley Nielsen, Director Corporate Affairs, Birmingham City University
Vicky Pryce, Visiting Professor, Birmingham City University
Norman Price, Regional Finance Forum
17:00 Close