Wednesday, October 7th, 2015


Birmingham City University and Aston University are working with the Birmingham Made Me ‘Make It Club’ to hold a series of events to help you get your ideas off the ground,start a new business and get to market, bringing together student business teams with business support.If your ideas make it through the ideation events listed you will be invited to join us for our Make It Dinner with funders, mentors and entrepreneurs to take your business to the next stage. First dinner to be held 5-10pm 26th November at Birmingham City University,City Centre Campus.

Key Dates

Aston University’s Make It Club

  • 7 October and
  • 14 November 2015

Birmingham City University’s 

  • 14 October and
  • 4 /11 November 2015
Make It Club Make It Dinner
  • 26th November: Successful teams meet with funders, mentors and entrepreneurs to pitch their business.

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