Beth Derbyshire, BCU, artistic inspiration behind the Festival of Imagination, Selfridges 5th and 7th February

FoI_-Birmingham-Imaginarium-in-situFESTIVAL OF IMAGINATION.  For the start of 2014, Selfridges Birmingham becomes a portal into the creative mind, as we explore the power of imagination to drive the process of innovation ...and inform the shape of our future. Designed by Artist Beth Derbyshire and built by Urban Designer Matt Foster in collaboration with the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design and CFAR, the Imaginarium is a unique creative hub set in the heart of the store. Here imaginative workshops and inspiring talks by renowned designers, artists and academics are held in an intimate environment sealed away from the outside world.
Following a unique program devised by Beth Derbyshire and produced by Sophia Tarr, each event will inspire visitors to unlock their own imaginative powers. Open your mind. Be ready to explore. Let the festivities begin. Click here to see some of the people taking part in the Festival of Imagination: (link to the imagination films)

To find more about our programme and book online, please click the link below. All events are free but are filled on a first come first served basis.

To reserve your place please contact us on:  Please note you can also access our free downloadable schools resources pack Bright Sparks. This has lots of free fun activities that you can participate in at home or at school.

Further Listings of the event can also be accessed below:

This is a wonderful opportunity for BIAD through this collaboration with Selfridges to show case not only their own imaginative and creative processes, but also as to curate a portal provided by Selfridges to invite participants across the region as well as others nationally. It is an inspiring initiative by Selfridges to connect to the School of Art and the University to provide a FREE space in which retail and education come together to educate the public on how to unlock their own imagination.  The festival will provide an engaging and enlightening space in which we discover new ideas and debate today’s issues. The collaboration forges strong links across education, industry and retail as it enables students and staff exciting opportunities to flourish and share their research and work to our external communities at a national level.

This is also a vital opportunity for students to see their research and work platformed along side professionals in their field and BCU alumni.  This partnership is an excellent example of providing a bridge to connect research via education in industry.   We are delighted to be partnering with Selfridges who are a pioneering force in the Birmingham as their building so clearly demonstrates. This is reflected in the program which features several events addressing architecture and regeneration.

The Festival of Imagination in Birmingham will host 19 talks, 2 seminars, 8 workshops, poetry readings, 11 film programs, artist’s films as well as live musical and artistic demonstrations.  This exciting and wide range of activities caters we hope will encourage an eclectic audience. We are delighted to announce that we launch the festival with Lucy Hawking which chimes with 2014 as Birmingham’s Year of Science.