Angela Burman | The Healing Power Of Bears

When we were kids, most of us have probably had a special teddy which we adored unconditionally. We were comforted by its friendship and loyalty, soft fur and fluffy appearance. We shared all our childhood dreams and secrets. Have you ever thought where it could be now? Storage room, charity container or maybe at your parents’ attic? Angela Burman, creator of Burman Bears, believes that there is a bear for everyone, even for you, business focused, down to earth and always in a rush adult…



Angela started her Degree in Visual Arts at Birmingham City University in 2006. She was really keen on textiles and creation of 3D characters. There was a great potential for her to start her own business rather than get just a paper, so Angela established Burman Bears back in 2009 and has already received great recognition for her designs and work. It is worth mentioning that Angela’s bears are different from what we can find in a shop window or kids toys advertisement on TV. Burman bears are inspired by nature and people, and each of them has a different character and unique story behind.

‘My mum passed away when I was four years old. When I grew up I found a photograph, which was taken when I was a little baby lying with a bear. It was a brown bear… I then realized that it was the bear which my mother gave me. It was the only thing, still on this planet, touched by my mother and that made it incredibly special. That’s my story.” Angela says, but there are thousands of people with all kinds of stories. “I think it was the moment when I understood that I am going to create something special”.


Burman bears are characters made of mohair and designed fabrics. The most amazing moment, according to the designer, is when you connect with the bear and simply don’t see the other ones at all. It is a very special, but very serious bond as she explains. Very often there is a reason behind the person falling in love with a particular character, because “a bear might remind them somebody who they have lost or missing” Angela says.

Angela Burman creates in Birmingham, where she has her own studio, suppliers and people with whom she collaborates. An award winning retail collective initiated by Birmingham Made Me allowed her to step in to the market and form successful customer relations. What is more, collaborating with Willard Wigan MBE who creates the smallest sculptures in the world which have to be viewed through a microscope) Angela achieved to create a Burman Bear, a tiny sculpture, which fits and sits on one of her own eyelashes!

This year, at Birmingham Made Me Expo you will have the chance to feel the healing powers of Burman Bears. Angela Burman’s favorite moto ‘Bears need people and people need bears’ says it all. Isn’t that right?

Article Journalist: Mante Sabaliauskaite
Video Production: Mantas Jankus (Filming & Postproduction), Elena Doncheva (Production Management), Algirdas Sakickas (Technical Management)