Best Midlands Emerging Designer

Alice Gow

Alice GowAlice studied at Birmingham’s prestigious School of Jewellery at Birmingham City University, and has since stayed on, working in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter, where she creates bold and beautiful kinetic jewellery featuring delicately textured coloured aluminium and silver. Alice’s innovative designs display movement, simplicity and elegance.

Petaliform showcases Alice’s love for beautifully colourful structural jewellery.  Inspired by Islamic geometric patterns, as well as wonderful mathematic Spirograph™ patterns, the complex geometric patterns are broken down into simple shapes, then are layered up and domed to create a flower-like design, hence the name Petaliform.

Alice’s Linear range features a stripe of coloured aluminium, curved along the sides to allow the light to play across the textured surface.  Countering the straight lines, are a set of silver circles, completing the jewellery and linking everything together.

Revolve, Alice’s signature range, consists of layers of domed circular dishes, which interlock and interplay with one another.  Silver discs at the centre of each piece provide and focal point amidst the hand coloured aluminium.

A range of necklaces, earrings, brooches, cufflinks and rings all come in a wide spectrum of colours, from vibrant purples to muted greens, to icy blues.

Amy Twigger Holroyd

Amy Twigger HolroydAmy Twigger Holroyd is a designer, maker and researcher specialising in knitting, participation and sustainability. Amy’s diverse craft activities take place under the umbrella of her ‘slow fashion’ knitwear label, Keep & Share. Each piece of Amy’s knitwear is designed to satisfy over time, and is lovingly machine knitted using an array of manual techniques. In recent years her work has naturally developed to include knitting workshops, hand knitting kits and communal knitting projects, along with a new, more conceptual body of work exploring issues of authorship and longevity.  Alongside her practice Amy is studying for a PhD at Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, investigating fashion ownership and material intervention in knitted garments.  She received the Crafts Council Development Award in 2005, and in 2009 she was nominated for the Jerwood Contemporary Makers exhibition. She has exhibited and lectured widely, and press coverage has included features in Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, The Observer, The Telegraph, Fashion Theory, Fiberarts and Blueprint.

An Endless Supply

An Endless supplyAn Endless Supply is a design studio and independent publishing activity organised by Harry Blackett and Robin Kirkham. Working in many roles – as designers, printers, programmers, commissioners – a primary objective of the studio is to support the production of new art and writing.

Andrea Jones

Andrea JonesAndrea has been designing and making contemporary handmade jewellery for 8 years from her shared workshop in the heart of Birmingham’s famous jewellery quarter. Designs predominately in silver and 9ct gold. Andrea’s collections include necklaces, rings, ear-rings, bracelets, cufflinks as well as one off commissions using contrasting combinations of colour and texture either in the use of different metals, surface patterns, cold enamel, oxidation or the addition of semi precious stones. Andrea’s ranges of jewellery are predominately in silver and gold and have pieces for the every day to the more special one off pieces.

She is a member of the Centrepiece, formed in 1997 to create an opportunity for contemporary jewellery designer-makers working in the Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter to showcase their work to the public.

Andrea Körsgen

Andrea KorsgenAndrea creates jewellery which is both subtle and strong, exploring the interaction of organic and structural forms. She works mainly in silver, using simple but inspirational design found in nature to create tactile and stylish pieces. The silver surfaces are often etched and delicately textured to enhance the finish. Andrea also creates combinations of silver with gold, steel flex, pearls or stones.
Her contemporary range, the ‘SilberwasserKollektion,’ is coherent and flowing and carries the notion of purity, simplicity and timeless preciousness. She is a member of the Centrepiece, formed in 1997 to create an opportunity for contemporary jewellery designer-makers working in the Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter to showcase their work to the public.

Anna Calvert

Anna CalvertAnna is a jewellery designer / maker specialising in Silver and Leather comtemporary jewellery based in Leicestershire in the Midlands and exhibiting nationally. In April 2011 she won the Best Newcomer at the British Craft Trade Fair. It was the first timeshe had exhibited on my own at a trade fair and found that she experienced an overwhelming response to her being awarded the Best Newcomers Award sponsored by Craft & Design Magazine.  Speaking about her work and inspiration Anna has said, “My work is mainly inspired from the complex world of nature and how plants evolve and grow amongst themselves, in particularly the different types of fungi from its underground form known as mycelium to the amazing shapes that it produces above ground. I love the way that it moulds itself inconspicuously around another object whether that be a tree trunk or a woodland bank the forms that are created are beautiful. This is what led me to develop my current collections. I have taken inspiration from what I call “old nature” and the symbiosis of two beings, if I use the example of how fungi emerges from a tree trunk, or how moss grows on anything that has been there long enough. It fascinates me the way in which two separates can grow together. Each idea is carefully developed using a photograph or sketch from nature as a starting point then developing the ideas by using various modelling techniques until I feel the idea is ready to be made in metal. I use traditional silversmithing techniques to make all of my pieces by hand, the metal is formed and joined to re-create the chosen design before the leather is carefully manipulated, hand cut, folded, shaped and then finally attached to the silver. I mainly work with silver using traditional techniques and make all of my pieces by hand. I use soft leather and manipulate it to capture the organic forms and partly encase them with silver. I aim to create fresh pieces that have a soft and sensuous tactile element which enhances the interaction of the piece for the wearer to enjoy.”

April Neate

April NeateSpeaking about her latest work, April says, “My collection is made in dyed and textured aluminium with silver details. Each piece of jewellery is a composition, a window into a fantasy world where plants grow up the wall like wallpaper and swallows fly past chandeliers.
I explore thoughts about freedom and identity, with compositions of shapes from wallpaper, architecture, and historical fashions. One off pieces are also inspired by Victorian jewellery and war medals. I am intrigued by how we adorn ourselves, the way we communicate through dress, and how we view each other.

I am also interested in our expectations and assumptions about jewellery – what it should be made of and how it should be worn.

I use dyed aluminium and silver to create a range of textures and contrasts in colour. The processes I use to dye and texture the aluminium mean that no two pieces are the same.
The colour varies each time, and the tactile pattern is applied to each piece individually to create different effects and combinations. Sometimes a dove is soaring high in an ornately decorated ballroom, or a seagull hovers against a background of wispy clouds in an open sky, and at other times a blackbird flies past wild flowers rambling up an old wall.
All these effects can be achieved by using different sections of pattern and then positioning the bird according to to the mood created.”

Becca Williams

Becca WilliamsBecca graduated from the Birmingham School of Jewellery in 2008 with a BA in Jewellery and Silversmithing. She works across these disciplines to produce contemporary jewellery and silverware with an emphasis on texture and originality.

Her work is influenced by her memories of childhood holidays by the seaside in Wales. She makes regular visits to the inspiring coastal landscape, always bringing home pockets full of pebbles and a camera full of pictures.

The seashore finds it’s way into all of her work, from the delicate patterning of her Flotsam series to the distinctive etching in her new Estuary range.

She currently works in a little studio in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter. She is a member of the Centrepiece, formed in 1997 to create an opportunity for contemporary jewellery designer-makers working in the Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter to showcase their work to the public. (View

Bonnie Styles

Bonnie Stylesbonnie styles is a contemporary Jewellery Designer/Maker working predominately in precious metals.
Constantly working to produce innovative designs, Bonnie firmly believes that jewellery, as object, should prompt fascination, intrigue and promote desire. For her, Jewellery is not just decoration but a mechanism of self expression.
Each of her Jewellery collections are very different, individually they set out to stretch the possibilities of design.
The handmade quality of the pieces means customers are able to personally choose how their piece of jewellery is finished whether it be to a satin effect, brushed, polished, oxidized, enamelled or set with precious stones.
All the jewellery in her collections is made and designed in England from locally sourced suppliers and Hallmarked with the makers initials at The Birmingham Assay Office.

Cathy Miles

Cathy Miles

Cathy Miles creates delicate, highly detailed, sculptural illustrations in metal. Her work explores and exploits the boundaries between the 2 and 3 dimensional through the use of line.

Social observation and a keen nose for a story inspires her work, seeking this both within the human and the natural world. A blend of fact and fiction is used to create pieces that hover between what we know and another imaginary place.

These findings may be investigated through a new pattern translated in wire, an installation exploring an imaginary place, a three-dimensional cartoon or a sculptural object reflecting social history.

Cathy trained in Jewellery and Silversmithing at Sir John Cass in London. She now works in Birmingham where her studio is based in the Jewellery Quarter. Her sculptures have won awards and can be found in collections nationally and internationally.




Charlotte Lowe

Charlotte LoweCharlotte Lowe is a contemporary jewellery designer specialising in the design and creation of photo etched jewellery. After establishing her business in 2009, she now designs and makes handmade collections from her workshop in Birmingham’s Jewellery quarter.  Using photo etching techniques Charlotte captures abstract imagery and scenic photographs within the surface of sterling silver and copper sheet. Inspired by travels through the British countryside and exotic lands her collections feature a growing selection of wild animals and people admiring beautiful landscapes. Charlotte also creates one-off pieces for clients using their own photos and design requests. For more information on this service please feel free to use our contact page to get in touch.

Christian Routley

Christian RoutleyI’m Christian Routley and I am Origin Creative.

I am a Graphic Designer (amongst other things) based in the West Midlands (UK) and I love everything art and design. Always on the lookout for a new project and excited by anything and everything creative I have a background in product, interior and graphic design with a mixture of skills to put my hand to on any challenge given to me.

Emma Atherton

Emma AthertonEmma states, “The underlying aim of my jewellery is to evoke a playful sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness in all who glimpse it. The pieces are bright little trinkets that awaken the magpie in all of us – they beg a closer look or even a peek inside! An affinity with organic and natural forms provides the basis for my creative stimulus. I am inspired by curving forms, flowing lines and exquisite details, all of which are abundant in nature. These qualities help give life to the pieces – making them as pleasing to the touch, as to the eye. The work is predominately in silver, combining this with gold, cold enamel and semi-precious stones. Model making, casting and fabrication are the principle methods of production. Pieces are made as collections of batch produced ranges, or to commission.”

Emma J Shipley

Emma J ShipleyEmma J Shipley is a luxury label founded by the eponymous designer, blurring the boundaries between fine art and fashion.

The label was launched at London Fashion Week in February 2012, after the designer graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Textiles.

Emma specialises in fine drawing, luxury scarves and interior textiles; taking design inspiration comes from patterns in nature, their innate irregularity and the mathematical structures behind them. All of Emma’s designs are derived from her original pencil drawings, which fuse highly skilled draftsmanship with a subversive imagination, capturing nature’s unpredictable beauty.

Emma J Shipley blurs the boundaries between fine art and design, creating unique and collectable pieces to be treasured for years to come; timeless, wearable artworks.

Fei Lui

Fei LuiListed as one of the Top 100 People in the Jewellery Industry by Professional Jeweller 2010, Fei Liu is growing in international acclaim. Originally from Chong Qin, China, Liu received his training from the School of Jewellery, Birmingham and in 2006, launched his own company, Fei Liu Fine Jewellery. The essence of Fei Liu Fine Jewellery is that of great drama and elegance. For Liu, design is all about the intricate details. Pairing delicately sculpted settings with vivid and colourful stones, Fei Liu’s look is a refined mix of femininity and drama. Combining his Eastern heritage with Western design, each piece is uniquely inspired with a three dimensional edge. Creating pieces that redefine luxury, Fei Liu’s jewellery is lavishly delicate and elegantly bold.

Glenn Campbell

Glenn CampbellGlenn Campbell is inspired by nature and describes his inspiration saying, “In my jewellery I try to re-create some part of the beauty we can all see in the natural world. My fascination is with the smaller parts that make up this world. The pods and leaves you see in my work are the visible tip of a deep interest in nature. It’s this inspiration that directs the over-all feel of my work, but a greater influence is that which stems from directly experimenting with the metal. This is what excites me.

There are many ways to affect precious metal to change its shape and texture. Each technique you learn increases your vocabulary of form and surface pattern. Where it gets inspirational is when techniques are applied one after the other. Layered, each affects the results of the others, sometimes in completely unexpected ways. When you have been concentrating on creating one distinct form this serendipity can open whole new paths of exploration, and free your creativity. This is the true joy and heartache of the craft. Lost in a sense of wonder and excitement, it is hard to be pragmatic and record the making processes. I have sometimes spent many hours searching before recreating those chance encounters.

These hidden forms are special; it feels like they’ve been discovered rather than created, as if they were always there, waiting to be revealed” He is a member of the Centrepiece, formed in 1997 to create an opportunity for contemporary jewellery designer-makers working in the Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter to showcase their work to the public. (View

Hannah Fewtrell-Bolton

Hannah Fewtrell BoltonHannah Fewtrell-Bolton is British contemporary jeweller based in Hanbury Worcestershire. Hannah studied her BA in Jewellery and Silversmithing at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University. After her BA studies in 2009 Hannah was awarded an AHRC research grant to continue her jewellery education at MA level at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University. After completing her studies Hannah took up Residency at the School of jewellery where she divides her practice time between the hustle of the city and the tranquillity of her rural studio. Hannah has exhibited her work internationally including ‘The Galerie Marzee Graduate Symposium 2011′. Hannah belongs to the design collective ‘Made to Make’ which consists of seven art jewellers whose diverse collections have already culminated in an exhibition in the UK.

Isabella Hart

Isabella HartEven with her short period in the business, Isabella Hart has already been making waves both nationally and internationally; she took part in the Milan fashion week representing Brilliantly Birmingham, she was awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in the 2007 Moissanite Competition organised by Charles & Colvard of USA; she was short listed by the BJA for the Kayman’s award 2008;  she was invited to take part in the Designer Club at Macef in Milan 2007, and again in January 2008.
Isabella draws inspiration from her oriental background, and has designed some amazing pieces. In the short time since Isabella graduated, she exhibited widely over the country and abroad. Her works have been loaned to the musicians of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra for their performance as part of the “Brilliantly Birmingham” celebrations.
Isabella’s works are mainly in silver and gold, some are decorated with gemstones and some are of non-precious material, bringing a sense of fun and playfulness to the work.

Jack Row

Jack Row.pngAward winning British gold and silversmith Jack Row designs and creates elegant writing instruments and accessories, intended exclusively for the most discerning of clientele. Working in silver, gold, platinum and incorporating precious gemstones, the virtuoso designer skilfully fuses traditional goldsmithing skills with the latest technology to craft desirable and investable objets d’art.

Making to order from his Jewellery Quarter studio, Jack currently presents exclusive collections of limited edition fountain pens, complimentary cufflinks, jewellery and tableware, inspired by engineering, iconic architecture and the intricate detailing of Islamic art.

His début collection was launched at Harrods in 2011 and his work can be found in the collections of business leaders,  royal family members and private collectors alike. Jack is a graduate of the Birmingham School of Jewellery.

Jade Devall

Jade DevallMy name is Jade Devall and I am a Designer and Illustrator of a range of kitchenware, textiles and gift cards. I work from my studio in Staffordshire to bring you designs that are innovative and beautiful.

All my life I have enjoyed the simple things like going for afternoon tea, riding my bike down to the park and cooking ’til my hearts content (or at least until I couldn’t eat anymore!).  I like to gaze out of my studio window and draw objects which then become narratives. I love going to vintage shops, charity shops and flee markets which often are great source of inspiration.

My ranges of illustrations are quirky and imaginative and are all about the simple things in life that make me happy.

I studied BA (HONS) Textile Design-Print at Birmingham University and whilst studying I sold vintage chinaware at fairs across the Midlands which gave me inspiration to go on and design my own chinaware and textiles. From all this I have now developed and designed a fully functional range which I hope you will enjoy and love.

“Jade Devall Designs are fully functional and very unique. The way in which her style makes you smile is a wonderful thing. The characters she uses and narratives remind me of a time once pasted.  Her contemporary designs are thoughtful and imaginative.
The concept of her range is to have a kitchen chinaware collection that you can keep buying to add more pieces to your own collection. Each piece tells a story but every piece goes well together so your tea set could be endless!”

James Newman

James NewmanAs a graduate from the Birmingham School of Jewellery who has established his highly successful shop in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, James Newman represents the pinacle of a Birmingham “born and bred” Brand.

His trademark style marries innovation with traditional skills in the creation of his unique and distinctive designs.

He won 1st prize for design from the British Jewellers Association, has been exhibiting at the prestigious Goldsmiths Fair since 2003 and between 2004-10, served on the British Jewellers Association National Committee.

He has a place in the “Who’s Who” directory of leading jewellery designers and has worked in partnership with top fashion designer, Neil Barrett, since 2007.

He operates at the very top of his profession, but keeps his ties to Birmingham at the core of what he does.

Jessica Hewitt

Jessica HewittJessica says of herself and her work, “My workshop is based near my home in Coventry. Each piece is handmade by me using traditional and modern techniques such as casting and laser marking. Attention to detail is important to me and I strive to make each piece as good as the last. Due to the making techniques I use, each piece is unique. I welcome commissions and will be happy to answer any questions or requests. I have spent the last five years developing and producing my work for various exhibitions and shows.” She graduated in 2005 with a First Class, BA(Hons) Jewellery & Silversmithing, from Birmingham City University.

John Moore

John MooreAward winning contemporary jewellery artist, John Moore, creates his unique pieces of wearable sculpture from brightly coloured aluminium, silver and steel.  With a degree in 3D design, he fearlessly produces new forms of jewellery that are exciting, alternative and extremely wearable.  Inspired by nature, his current collections, Elytra and Vane, include necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings, but there is more to them than meets the eye.  With emphasis on colour, movement and tactility, his jewellery is designed, not only a visual statement, but to give those who dare an altogether different experience. Speaking of he collection, Verto, he says, “Verto, meaning transformer, was commissioned by a private collector in 2010 and was my first major commission.  It gave me opportunity for me to realise an idea that until then had been confined to the pages of my sketch book.  Verto builds upon the concepts that drive my other work, taking inspiration form tribal body adornment and natural forms, and further exploring the theme of murmuration or a collection of seperate individuals that move together fluidly as a single organism.
I devised a way to construct the piece so that not only did it have organic quality of movement but it could also be inverted and worn in over 10 different ways.  Each configuration gives a very different look and communicates in a contrasting way, for example aggressively, passively or defensively.
In March 2011 Verto won silver in the Gallery Jewellery category of the Craftsmanship and Design Awards, awarded by the Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council.”

Julie Linn

Julie LinnThe juxtaposition of old and new is beautifully combined. A ‘taken for granted’ item, or material, provides the inspiration and often the key component in each piece of Julie’s sustainable jewellery. Waste materials such as paper, leather and rubber; or emotional keepsakes are combined with silver to stir emotion and memory.A balanced mix of precious and non-precious materials are incorporated, and the eco-friendly range of neckpieces consist of paper, seed paper, silk and leather. The new range ‘rubberfly’ which launched at British Craft Trade Fair, April 2010 features bicycle inner tubes! Julie established her company Julie Linn Designer/Maker in October 2009 following a career change from IT and Skills training. She graduated from Staffordshire University in 3D Design:Craft and now specializes in creating bespoke design-led jewellery. Her limited edition ranges are primarily inspired by architecture and historic dress.

Kate Farley

Kate FarleyHer professional practice encompasses both fine art and design, combining drawing, printmaking, surface print design, book art, and textiles.  Having established her practice of commissions, exhibitions and ongoing practical research she complements this with her teaching experience. Her website is intended to provide an idea of the work that she makes and projects undertaken and she has been proud to launch her design collection ‘Plot to Plate’. At a time of great awareness of home-grown produce and home-cooked food she launched her brand new celebratory screen-printed design collection inspired by kitchen gardens and allotments of Britain. Her surface designs are applied to both textiles and paper products, including bags, tea towels and notebooks, all hand-made, and will be first shown to the public as part of the ‘Kitchen Garden’ exhibition at Bilston Craft Gallery, West Midlands, from the 18th February – 28th April 2012.  As Kate says about her own work, “Following in the foot-steps of mid-century designers such as Bawden and Ravilious, I have combined art, design and craft skills to create this unique collection of products featuring surface designs inspired by kitchen gardens, allotments and home-grown / cooked food,” Kate explained.  The title design feels like a contemporary classic already, mixing garden and culinary tools as a journey from ‘Plot to Plate’. Other designs in the range feature planting plans and patterns evocative of the vegetable patch. This body of work has stemmed from a series of prints and drawings of the same subject made over the last few years featuring both private sites and National Trust estate gardens.

Kate Smith

Kate SmithKate trained at Stourbridge College of Art and Design before completing a degree in Jewellery Design at Middlesex University in 2000
After working with numerous other contemporary designer/makers whilst living in London, she moved back to the Midlands to take inspiration from her countryside surroundings of Shropshire and to set up her own jewellery business in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.
Kate sells through craft shop outlets, galleries and craft fairs both locally and nationally. Appointments can also be made to visit Kate personally at her studio in Birmingham.
about her work… The jewellery that Kate creates symbolises inspired design combined with the skilled working of precious metals.
By closely observing forms and patterns within nature, Kate’s jewellery echoes the objects that she has drawn inspiration from. Click on ‘the collections’ tab to the right to see the full range of work that she has developed over the past 10 years.

Kathleen Baird

Kathleen Baird  Kathleen Baird describes her work as follows, “My interest in jewellery started as I was studying fine art inBelfast. But it is not until several years after finishing my degreethat I decided to get involved in making and designing jewellery.
In 2005 I decided to improve my skills and studied inBirmingham’s school of jewellery in the famous jewellery quarter. Thisis where I now live and work.

My work is often inspired by the shapes and forms found in nature. I aminterested in creating a `visual rythm`by the repetition of the unitand/or the use of the line. Ideas arise and are developed as I ammanipulating the metal: experimenting with textures, composition andshapes.

I work mainly in silver as I find its whiteness shows off the shapes andlines in my pieces. I have recently introduced gold detailing into someof my work in order to add colour and to develop my research into’visual rythm’.
All the work figuring on this web site has been designed and made by me.As I work on my own, I can only produce a limited number of pieces.

I undertake commissions and any pieces can be ordered in gold as well as silver.”

Kerry O’Connor

Kerry O'connor Kerry  specialises in both contemporary silversmithing and creates sophisticated porcelain products   with a particular emphasis on items for the table and interior. Each product within her range is individually hand-made by herself.Kerry was born in 1977 in Manchester and graduated from Liverpool Hope University with a specialism in two areas, silver and ceramics.  Her small batch designs combine both of these materials to create sophisticated hand made products, each with a particular emphasis on items for the table and interior.

Kerry’s recent inspiration stems from the sentimental side of life. Jewellery & small objects which have been passed down through the family, which are never worn or wanted but hold onto great memories of history. Using empathy Kerry takes elements from these wonderful items and capture them into a beautiful work of art. This can then be presented and enjoyed, rather than tucked away in a drawer with the constant wonder of what could be done with them.

Kerry has her workshop in the heart of the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter and clients are more than welcome to make an appointment to visit. Kerry has received several commissions including one from The Sun newspaper to design an Award. Kerry explains,”I was given a Princess Trust grant several years ago to help springboard my tableware and interior products into business. I have been designing special commemorative pieces in silver and gold for the last 8 years from my studio in Birmingham’s famous jewellery quarter.

I was asked by Lorna Carmichael of The Sun to come to the newspaper and present some ideas to them for an award. This award was to have one main objective and that was to represent the Navy, Army and Air force equally. The brief was very open ended- it was not to be too modern and not to be too traditional. Where would I begin………..?

I worked through many ideas, shapes and style with much deliberation but kept coming back to one thing which I believed clarified this award simplicity. ‘The Navy, Army and Air force are those who protect, serve and in my eyes look after us, in our world’

The inspiration for this award came from the world and the fact that the Military in one form or another have been present on it for hundreds of years. I wanted to have the globe represented as a solid foundation from which these three strands hold and encompass it. The proud crests upon the top surface point down to what they protect!! This has been the most challenging project I have ever undertaken and although during the past few weeks my feelings have mixed between excitement and panic, I can truly say that I have been delighted and honoured to have been involved with such a prestigious event and have had the pleasure to work with fabulous people at The Sun.”


Kimberley JaneKimberley-Jane: Design supplies Graphic Design, Website Design and Printing Services to clients throughout the UK.

Kimberley  has over 6 years experience in the Design and Print sector and currently resides in the creative heart of Birmingham, the Jewellery Quarter. She helps businesses to create their dream brand identity and brings their ideas to life on a regular basis. She holds a strong position within the industry and has the ability to manage both aspects of website development and graphic design. She also has a vast and knowledgeable understanding of how to convert online visitors to customers.

The company aims to supply businesses with a professional design service and has the full creative design suite to ensure high quality work. The expert staff ensure clients receive design work that communicates to their market and increases sales. The service is intended to improve your business with good design and marketing advice.

Since 2010 Kimberley-Jane Design Ltd has grown to be a global award winning business with past clients like McDonalds, The Commonwealth, University of Wolverhampton and BBC’s Dragons Den competitor Feisal Adams. That’s just UK based they stretch as far as Australia, Abu Dhabi and New York.

Visit to find out more.

Liam Treanor

Liam TreanorIn early 2011, Liam Treanor founded his self-titled designer furniture brand which has promptly established itself as one of the emerging brands to look out for.  The studio, working alonside its series of carefully selected manufacturers, has produced a distinctly fresh and internationl range of timber based furniture and lighting for both domestic and cafe contract use.  The products adopt an elegant, minimal and seamlessly organic aesthetic pulled together by a slecetion of trend savvy colours.  Stockists include renowned Hong Kong and Beijing designer retail store Lane Crawford.

Lydia Feast

Lydia Feast  Working directly from her own photographic explorations and intuitive visual compositions, Lydia has explored the concept of contrasting elements. Working with materials including silver and enamel, Lydia has focused on experiments with surface pattern. She has produced a collection of wearable and non-wearable pieces, challenging in their composition, that stimulate an emotional interaction with the viewer and wearer. Echoing references to time and nature whilst combining a modern clean aesthetic, this collection brings together contrasting elements illustrating a harmony between chaos and calm, new and old and silence and noise, inspired by her research into chaos theory: ‘the underlying order in some of nature’s most random processes’ The techniques used in the collection are potential chaotic but the results are inherently calm. Each piece is unique as a result of the carefully controlled but ultimately random outcome capturing chaos and calm and moments in between. “I see these pieces as small scale installations presented in a gallery context with some pieces possessing the capacity to be worn”  Lydia completed her degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing in 2009 from the Birmingham School of Jewellery with a First Class Honours. She has exhibited and is published widely receiving a Silver Grant from the Goldsmithing’s Company and Guild of Enamellers Bursary Runner Up Award in  2009.

Miranda Sharpe

Miranda Sharpe Miranda started her business designing and making contemporary jewellery in 2001, she has exhibited and sold her work widely across the UK and ventured into the international market place.

Miranda enjoys the challenges of designing and producing a unique range of jewellery that holds commercial possibilities, alongside opportunities to create one-off or commission specific pieces that can be larger/bodler in design. Miranda is happy to consider commissioning opportunities for the body or translating her designs into objects or sculptural pieces.
After completing an MA in Jewellery, Silversmithing & Related Products at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham in January 2000, Miranda Sharpe became a participant on the Design Space 2000 scheme (offering business support and development to new creative businesses).

Since leaving the scheme in December 2000 Miranda has worked out of a shared studio in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. She is a member of the Centrepiece, formed in 1997 to create an opportunity for contemporary jewellery designer-makers working in the Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter to showcase their work to the public. (View

Natasha Bagnall

Natasha Bagnall began her journey and development of her passion for fine jewellery at the School of Jewellery in the Historic Jewellery Quarter Birmingham, where she studied for five years undertaking studies in; bench technique/hand manufacture, new technologies, Silversmithing, Design for the Industry and Gemmology. A fusion of these skills alongside Natasha’s passion for fine jewellery has allowed her to carve a successful and rewarding start to her career within the jewellery industry.

Natasha’s Design inspiration is rooted in ancient Greece and Rome and the fundamental rules of Ancient Greek Design; Restraint, Proportion, Harmony, Symmetry and Balance all of which she calls upon when designing a piece of jewellery showcasing her passion for high-end and luxury jewellery and marketplace.

Upon finishing her studies Natasha began her career with an internship at the world famous and admired Fashion House of Vivienne Westwood where she stretched her knowledge outside of her usual comfort zone of fine jewellery working on catwalk statement pieces and commercial branded jewellery. Natasha has since returned to the jewellery quarter and is working up a storm under the ever successful and prestigious company Weston Beamor the Creative Jewellery Group Ltd who’s roots are  history are deeply rooted within Birmingham and particular the Jewellery Quarter itself. Since beginning working for the group Natasha has worked on some of their most successful projects and within her 20 months there been awarded prestigious awards such as the Lonmin Award for Platinum innovation 2012 and International Jewellery London Special prize at the Goldsmiths Craft and design council alongside an award for innovative design in platinum and 18ct from the Goldsmiths company itself at its 2013’s award ceremony.

Natasha is hugely influenced by fusing the traditional techniques embedded in the heart of Birmingham’s jewellery Quarter as well as fusing them with the new technologies that are influencing the jewellery industry currently to create elaborate exciting pieces that show off traditional style and techniques for all to admire and wonder “How did they do that?” evoking an excitement and rejuvenation for what goes into  creating a piece of fine jewellery, reminding people the craftsmanship and the ever important craftsmen that are ever important part of the jewellery manufacture process itself past present and for the future, working side by side with new technology as an aid and tool to create objects that wouldn’t be possible without it, preserving the ever special communities of craftsmen housed with Birmingham’s Jewellery quarter and other such communities throughput the UK and international community.

Nick Booth

PodnoshPodnosh was created in 2005 by Nick Booth, former BBC political reporter and television/radio documentary maker. It is crewed by other two other digital media experts, Paul Bradshaw and Gavin Wray. At its early stage Podnosh was responsible for podcasting the Grassroots Channel for Birmingham Community Empowerment Network. Since then it has matured from a brand which just made podcasts into a business which understands and helps people use social media for social good. Podnosh works at every level; from the strategic to grass roots handson. They can be found in consultation with chief executives of local authorities as well as out in neighbourhoods showing residents’ groups how to set up and run their own blog.
Podnosh works on: • Social media strategy • Training in social media • Social media policy • Media making • Changing media strategies • Neighbourhoods, consultation and hyperlocal media • Recruitment Work samples: • Development of the ‘Community Asset Transfer in Birmingham’ website • Creation of ‘Community Space’ blog • Managing of Social Media Surgery website

Nick Hubbard Jewellery

Nick HubbardNick Hubbard was born in Oxford in May, 1955.
His first home was a caravan and as space was limited Nick’s first bed was in a drawer!
After moving several times the family settled in Nottinghamshire. Nick had a happy childhood and after winning a few handwriting competitions Nick was inspired to consider hand engraving as a career option. In 1972, Nick enrolled at Birmingham School of Jewellery.

After trying his hand at engraving Nick’s path took a slight turn and Nick spent the next three years training to be a silversmith. It was whilst on this course that Nick met Jean a ‘true Yorkshire lass’ (he didn’t know it yet but Jean was later to become his wife!) From their first year of being together Nick and Jean began collecting comic-art related memorabilia. Whilst living together as poor students they once purchased a small Tom Philipps print ‘The flowers before the bench’ instead of paying the rent. Luckily Nick’s father stepped up with the cash to pay the rent that month.
In 1976 Nick proposed to Jean and after saying that she was ‘quite fond of him’ they were married. Two years later Nick and Jean set up their own business and Nick began his workshop from a small room in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter. Nick spent many years making tiny, moving and opening models and charms for the jewellery trade.

Nick and Jean had two daughters, Philippa and Elizabeth, in the late seventies and early eighties and Nick set up a workshop at home so that he could spend more time with his family. He divided his time
working from home and from his studio in the Jewellery Quarter.

A few years later there were another two additions to the Hubbard family – two miniature dachshunds ‘Little Lou’ and ‘Tess Bear’.

Eventually continuing his love of miniaturization Nick went on to produce his first jewellery collection in 1996 and the miniature world of Nick Hubbard Jewellery began! Being passionate collectors of all things small, Nick and Jean’s home is full of cabinets of curios. These small treasures of bought and found objects provide inspiration for much of Nick’s work along with his interest in literature, music, art and film.

Those not familiar with Nick’s work will be amazed by the detail and intricacy of his unique designs; a figurative collection of oxidized silver pieces and charms bearing words and messages. Many pieces have moving parts and small doors that open to reveal fine gold detail. Nick’s jewellery has become extremely collectable and can be easily identified as the original article by a small engraving of a ‘brick and bean’ on each piece of jewellery.Today Nick works from his studio; an old bakery overlooking the Staffordshire countryside. It is a small family run business with help from the ‘Brick and Bean’ team an extended family of dedicated jewellery graduates Mandy, Katie, Jenni and Helen who ensure that every piece is made to the highest quality and posted off on time.

Nicky Blaize

BlaizeNicky Blaize, artist designer maker, producing fine ceramics owns Blaize Ceramics.  It is based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, in the heart of the UK ceramics industry.  The company produces specialist bespoke pottery.  Ceramics designed and made with ecology and sustainability as a priority, encompassing local heritage, skills and the highest quality. Nicky is currently studying for MA Ceramic Design, part time – Staffordshire University having graduated 2002 BA Ceramic Design  – Staffordshire University and trained in Industry to do banding, gilding and lithography with a Diploma 1995 China Painting – Moorland Technical College.  She has work displayed in the following galleries including *Yellowstone Art Boutique, Unit 205, Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent; *Gladstone Pottery Museum, Longton, Staffordshire; *Leeds Craft & Design Centre; *Glazed Art, Trentham, Staffordshire; *Inspirations, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire and *Smiths Row Gallery, Bury-st-Edmunds with work on permanent display at the *Potteries Museum & Art Gallery.  She received the Bdi Industry & Genius Award 2007 and is a member of DesignGap, the Chamber of Commerce and the CIF.

Plant & Moss

Plant & MossPlant & Moss was conceived in 2009 by James Plant and  James Moss as a British design brand that creates contemporary design with character and charm.

Hand crafted in Great Britain our products covering lighting, furniture and some office products, are made using a mixture of time honoured skills and modern techniques. In a few short years the business has gained some prestigious clients including Liberty, Anthropologie, Topman, Pedlars and Nandos with press features in House & Garden, Vogue, Domus, Casa and Dwell. The work of P & M  keeps an artistic dimension that introduces fun, practical, unusual solutions for the home and office. Attention to design detail, and the use of high quality materials ensures a timeless piece. Founders James Plant and James Moss both graduated in Contemporary Furniture and Related Product Design, from the home of furniture, Buckinghamshire Chilterns University in High Wycombe. Produced in limited runs we seek to create designs that will enrich interiors with exclusivity, style and character. Situated in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham our products are British designed and British manufactured.

Rita Patel

Rita Patel  Rita designs and makes contemporary jewellery in silver and gold and/or combined materials. She is interested in developing concepts and ideas from her cultural and life experiences, and creates sculptural and tactile jewellery.
Her collections include:
‘Thread’, rings with symbolic red thread wrapped around them and jewellery encapsulating single silk thread in resin.
‘Rice’ capsules combining real rice grains with a single handmade18ct gold rice grain exploring the use of materials considered precious with materials often not considered precious.
Rita also undertakes residencies and projects in partnership with galleries and organisations and she also undertakes bespoke commissions.She is a member of the Centrepiece, formed in 1997 to create an opportunity for contemporary jewellery designer-makers working in the Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter to showcase their work to the public.(View

Sara Preisler

Sara Preisler




The Sara Preisler Gallery is located within The Custard Factory, Birmingham’s revolutionary new arts and media quarter. A contemporary jeweller since 1993, Sara represents over seventy of the UK’s leading designer makers with collections ranging from a wide range of contemporary jewellery including her own unique designs, to ceramics, silverware, textiles, wire sculpture, glass and photography. Alongside the gallery’s regular artists, Sara promotes and curates a range of bi-monthly exhibitions focusing on international contemporary makers looking toward the more intellectual aspects of contemporary craft.T

Sarah Phillips

Prior to moving to Birmingham, Sarah graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a BA Honours in Metalwork and Jewellery and then honed her skills working on the bench in Hatton Garden and designing her own pieces.

Her career as a CAD designer began with her move to Birmingham, starting work with Weston Beamor and learning from the best in the trade within an accomplished team of CAD designers. This environment has inspired her to design technically complex pieces and to test the boundaries of what is possible. Sarah has seen her confidence and skills blossom during her time with Weston Beamor, and is excited to continue her career within the heart of jewellery manufacturing here in Birmingham.

Sarah loves to travel, and her pieces are inspired by the patterns and textures she sees around her – translating this inspiration into visually exciting and technically challenging designs.


Sian Hughes

Sian HughesWhilst studying for a degree in Jewellery and silversmithing at the School of Jewellery,Birmingham, Sian’s work evolved to rely on simplicity and sensitivity to the materials, forms,colours and textures.

Her work is subjective and takes inspiration from natural forms. Within this context she tries to incorporate the effects of the particular season and surrounding environment. Her aspiration is to create desirable and precious three-dimensional objects that can adorn the body.

She often creates pieces on instinct and judge compositions on whether they ‘feel right’. Rarely measuring a length or width, she tries to combine pieces to make a perfect balance. This leads to every piece being spontaneous and is a fresh and unpredictable way of working.

Making her jewellery by hand gives Sian enough contact with each piece to ensure the composition is correct. Character and individuality are very important to the process of designing and making, as is attention to detail. She has said about her work, “All of my pieces are subjective and take inspiration from natural forms. Within this context I try to incorporate the effects of the particular season and surrounding environment. I enjoy creating simple, honest forms and there is often a delicate and feminine element to my work. My aspiration is to create desirable and precious three-dimensional objects that can adorn the body.

Winter snow blizzards in New York’s Central Park initially inspired my first collection called ‘Flourish’”.
She is a member of the Centrepiece, formed in 1997 to create an opportunity for contemporary jewellery designer-makers working in the Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter to showcase their work to the public. (View

Tusheeta David

Tusheeta DavidTusheeta David is an award-winning jewellery designer, who grew up in India.   After a successful career in India as a fine jewellery designer for a leading Indian company, she moved to UK where she set up her own label after completing her Masters from Birmingham’s School of Jewellery.

Besides creating her own jewellery she is a visiting lecturer at Birmingham City University. She regularly designs for the Swarovski’s Trend Forecasting book, ‘Gemvision’ and also collaborates with Corel Corporation, working on various projects from time to time.

Having completed the Design Space Scheme which was awarded to her by Birmingham City Council, she was accepted as an Artist in Residence at the School of Jewellery. While doing her residency, she was selected by the Crafts Council to exhibit at the prestigious New York International Gift Fair.

With over ten years of experience in fine jewellery  design, working for a leading jewellery brand in India, Tanishq, Tusheeta has created jewellery for an Oscar nominated film and the Milan Fashion Week among various other projects. She has created jewellery for the likes of Rani Mukherji and Shahrukh Khan in the Bollywood movie ‘Paheli’.
Tusheeta has created innovative new collections working in acrylics and drawing on laser cutting techniques.  She was selected as Designer of the Year by ‘Treasure’, London for her contemporary jewellery.

She is now based in Sutton Coldfield and creates her collection of contemporary acrylic jewellery using modern laser technology from here. She takes on commissions for her contemporary acrylic jewellery as well as fine jewellery.