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Request the pleasure of your company as Idea Birmingham Members and Supporters to join them for the Johnson Tiles Factory Tour, business overview, light lunch.

14/Feb  Selfridges Festival of Imagination

Year 3 BA (Hons) Architecture students will be exhibiting their recent work as part of the Selfridges’ Festival of Imagination. Specifically, the work presents how the forthcoming HS2 can provide new opportunities for architectural and landscape based interventions across the Blythe Valley (Digbeth to NEC/Bhx).

16/Dec  Immigration: good for whom?

As the UK prepares to lift working restrictions on Bulgarians and Romanians, immigration is back at the top of the political agenda.

Paul Collier, the distinguished Oxford economist, and David Goodhart, director of the think tank Demos, have both recently published controversial books challenging the traditional thinking of the liberal left on immigration.For this high-profile debate, Ritula Shah brings the two men head to head with Susie Symes and other panellists in front of a live audience in Birmingham, one of the country’s most diverse cities.

Shooting the Moon - Ian Emes

11/Dec  Shooting the Moon – Ian Emes

Film director Ian Emes, a key figure in the cultural and musical revolution that shaped the 1970s and beyond, will reveal how some of the biggest names in rock and pop – including Pink Floyd – became his muse.

‘Shooting the Moon’ is the title of Ian Emes’ forthcoming talk and forms part of the CityTalks programme.

Shooting the Moon - Ian Emes