2014 Birmingham Made Me Testimonials

“Our region’s unique history and continuing ability to produce innovative design is born out of our creative ‘can do’ culture. At Birmingham City University we are taking forward this collaborative spirit to open up new opportunities for us all.”

- Professor Cliff Allan, Vice Chancellor, Birmingham City University

Beverley Nielsen and Albert Bore

“Birmingham Made Me is a breath of fresh air linking for the very first time local business and entrepreneurship to academia for the benefit of both and more importantly for the benefit of Birmingham.

“Most importantly of all, is the spotlight it shines on the way our past informs our present through a celebration of the ingenuity of the people and enterprise of Birmingham over decades in placing design and making at the very heart of our reputation.

“Birmingham Made Me provides a focus for this rich narrative through a ‘do-able and scale-able’ design festival bringing together pride of place across all our communities.”

- Sir Albert Bore, Leader, Birmingham City Council

Neil Rami“Quality design is built into Birmingham’s DNA. By showcasing today’s design and innovation talent, Birmingham Made Me is helping to shape a fresh vision for our city’s future.”

Neil Rami, Marketing Birmingham

Ian Callum“The Birmingham Made Me Design Expo provides a chance to tell our unique story and to draw on this inspiration to develop our own unique platform for growth. Creativity and design are key. We need to learn to embrace our creativity to reall understand what design means and what it can do for us by using it to our economic advantage. We need to embrace the idea of making things again.  It is our heritage: let’s use people skills to turn raw materials into objects of value.”

- Ian Callum, RDI, Director of Design, Jaguar, Founder Chairman, Idea Birmingham

LORD DIGBY JONES“Where Birmingham City University is so important to this and I really do congratulate them for coming to the party –it’s that they’ve had this leadership initiative for sometime now and it’s about getting our young people and businesses on the page of growing and developing a ‘Made in Birmingham’ mentality.”

- Lord Jones of Birmingham

Martin Donnelly“Design is a world strength for the UK, connecting us with other people. We are able to develop new approaches and styles in a way that others find difficult to do.”

- Martin Donnelly, Permanent Secretary, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills

william mcgrath“The Birmingham Made Me Design Expo provided a ‘collectivist’ agenda with a large vision and one which many could buy into.  There is an important need for Birmingham to be promoted as a great city and hinterland with a big opportunity for Birmingham to be seen as ‘playing’ Milan.  The idea was to deliver a practical low-cost, high output, high quality, design exhibition to get Birmingham noticed internationally; surely it was a case of ‘game on’.  It gave everyone the opportunity to get behind a deliverable, relevant theme, providing and taking from the energy of the event what they needed.”

- William McGrath, CE, AGA Rangemaster

Marek-Reichman“I was happy, proud and honoured to be asked to be Chairman of 2013 Design Expo; anything that promotes design is important to me and there is so much to draw upon, looking at how things are designed and made. There are some great companies and great brands that are based here – from automotive to fine engineering.”

- Marek Reichman, Design Director, Aston Martin and Chairman, 2013 Birmingham Made Me

johncridland-163189“I think it is very important to stand up and shout about what we are good at and Birmingham takes it back to the roots – we are a great manufacturing city and a great innovation city.”

- John Cridland, Director General, CBI

Ian Emes“The Birmingham Made Me Design Expo is a great idea. I think what it’s done so far is to inform people what’s already here.  That we are proud and that we create things here.  Now we need a bold vision that people will travel to see.  We shouldn’t be a second city, or second guessing, or lacking in courage.  It’s too important for that.” 

- Ian Emes, Pink Floyd Collaborator and Film Director

glenn howells“I feel the Design Expo 2013 grew in confidence and the quality and range of presentations was impressive.  I feel more partners have bought into it and I am hopeful that perhaps we have the beginnings of a significant economic development platform for our city region.” 

- Glenn Howells, Glenn Howells Architects

lucan“I think the BMM project is a really fantastic thing for the city. It seems to me to be one of the best adverts for the city there could be. It needs to be known far and wide.”

- Lucan Gray, Custard Factory